What this blog will be about

This blog will be mainly about me just putting the things I like and dreams that I want to experience in the future.  


I like the winter season the most due to the feeling of you wanting to stay at home not wanting to go out drink some hot chocolate with marshmallows, covered in a blanket and watching a movie or cartoons will just be in the warmth of your room or living room. 

My favorite thing to do in summer is visit a water park or the pool with my family due to the heat here in Texas. Watermelon is the fruit of summer, the taste of cool watermelon slice as the hot sun is hitting your skin, with a refashioning drink with ice.
My favorite thing to do in fall is taking walks outside due to the flesh air outside and the cool feeling you get when you in the sidewalk or in the park. Fall has one of the best holidays and that is Halloween which has a creepy vibe to it overall which is a great feeling to me.
Spring has to be my least favorite but it has the best transaction from winter and leading up to winter.